2018 Homestead Goals

Oh the exciting and SCARY things 2018 will have in store for us!

Our goals for 2018 (at this moment) include:

  • Sell our money sucking monster house in the suburbs
  • Sell our second vehicle
  • Liquidate much of our “consumer” assets/liabilities
  • Live in our travel trailer for the summer and allow Brian to keep working his 9-5 to help us save up
  • Become as debt free as possible
  • Live frugally
  • Move 3100 kilometres across Canada onto my parents farm land in Ontario
  • Start beginning plans of our homestead

SO MANY HUGE THINGS! Reading this list gives me anxiety, but it is almost peaceful anxiety if that makes any sense? I find peace with it because it is all steps towards a more simple life.

So our plans for achieving these goals are still under construction but our very first step is getting our house ready to list. We have a couple little repairs that we are working on and some finishing in our basement and we plan to list in the next couple of weeks. The economy where we currently live is heavily reliant on the oil industry and with the price of oil at an all time low the economy is still in somewhat of a slump. We may lose a bit of equity on our house but we figure it’s better to accept the loss to just get away from the high cost of the mortgage, taxes, running costs etc. that come with it.

I currently run a day home (home day care) as some supplemental income but once we sell our house I will be able to sell my minivan and remove that payment and we can go down to one vehicle which shouldn’t be a hard task to cross off our list.

Liquidating our assets/liabilities however is going to be quite life altering. After living our whole life as a consumer then getting rid of a large portion of the “things” we have accumulated is going to be interesting but hopefully as liberating as I am imagining. We are already working towards this now by minimizing our wardrobes, getting rid of the excessive amount of toys and items we simply aren’t using but have been holding on to.

Living in our travel trailer for the summer is probably going to be our huge paradigm shift. We camp A LOT during the summer and almost always on crown land so we are very familiar with living in a small space off grid and we are MAJOR outdoor type people however we have only ever stayed in our camper for a week at most. So while it is going to have a lot of new challenges, I think our kids are going to love it and it will be the perfect reset we need to appreciating the simple things.

Neither of us have ever been debt free at all throughout our adult life. I honestly never even thought it was possible until heading down the homesteading path. I always just thought you worked hard to buy stuff on credit, period. Oh the awakening we have had, and I will elaborate more on this in another post as I have a ton to share on our debt free plans and our frugality goals.

Moving across the country is going to take some logistical planning and saving for but it’s probably the thing I am least anxious about, because well, I AM GOING HOME! After 10 years in Alberta, contributing to the rat race, I am going back to my roots and I couldn’t be more excited.

Once we are back in Ontario we will be able to start the initial plans of land layout on our little sliver of my parents farm, now this is the item that is the most exciting but also the most scary because we are starting from scratch and we will have many posts in the future on our homestead plans.

Anyways, those are our goals and plans for this huge year and we will be posting lots more on our journey. For more on our day to day be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram!


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  1. How exciting! We also sold on “monster” suburban house and moved to the country. I have some small regrets about the house we built, etc., but I NEVER regretted getting out of the burbs. Good luck!

  2. chicks and sprouts says:

    What an incredible year you have planned! We too are starting our newbies to homesteading.

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