Are they sprouting?

Is there an egg?

How many more rows on this afghan?

Look at this property, you can quit your job and we will be fine right?

How much more do we need in our savings?

And the list goes on………

Being patient has been the ultimate hardest thing for me to deal with for the better part of my life. If it can’t happen right away I lose interest and move on.


It gets overwhelming and I lose patience with how long it will take us to save money for our acreage and how long it will take us to learn all the necessary skills and so on. I lose patience with how long the real things take like growing things or waiting for that first egg! I lose patience with how ridiculously easy it is to slip back into the mainstream consumerism mindset and buy everything with little thought.

I always come back to it though, which tells me how important and attainable it must be.  I also must lower the bar and not try to tackle a bunch of things at once but stretch it out and put quality effort into each project and plan. I need to be patient that we will find the perfect acreage but need to wait a couple years until the market is better. I need to remember that this way of life is forever and will constantly change and grow and to embrace where we are continue to move forward.

Current Goal: Get more consistent with this blog to continue to encourage and document everything.

How do you stay motivated and keep moving forward?



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