That’s right…….I did it. No more 9-5 (well it was 7:30-4:30 for me)!!

My posts have been very lacking, as in 7 months between posts but I have been doing a lot of soul searching. Deciding on what was important to me, where I WANT my priorities to be and what my life would look like in the most ideal situation.

I sat and thought about exactly how I would want to live my life, had I the resources and guts to do so. I found I wanted to be home with my kids, I wanted to live with little stress, I wanted to make a little passive income to help our family and I wanted to practice more sustainable living options.

Outcome…..I did it. I told my office job I wasn’t coming back and I started my own home daycare. I have taken on a few other children that join us everyday to play, roam nature and have a safe place to stay while their parents are at work. It’s fun, challenging and much more fulfilling than I thought. It has created the perfect balance in my life and I am at utter peace with how my life feels.

You CAN do it too! Set your intentions, work towards that, figure out all the little details to create what you want even if it is just a temporary situation and do it. Probably won’t be simple, you will probably lose sleep over it but if it is truly what you want you got this.

Up next…….our Urban Hen Adventure!!SONY DSC