Well how is 2016 more than half over already!?

I have been so preoccupied with the new baby and just enjoying being home with my kids this blog was kind of a last thought. But now that I have my 5 month old in somewhat of a routine and currently napping, 3 year old is happily playing with his toys, house chores are as caught up as I care for them to be, so how about some thought sharing.


I have technically been off work for 6 months now and feel so free and grounded it is unbelievable. No more rush to get out the door, throw my kid at someone else to raise while I commute for a ridiculous amount of time to an unfulfilling job.

I make money on maternity leave here in Canada which is wonderful that I can be off for a full year with my wee ones and ironically I am receiving a little less than half of what I usually take home every month and yet we seem to have more money in our bank account. How does that work? Oh right….no cost of childcare, no cost of fuel for commuting, no cost of purchasing work clothes, no mindless spending at the grocery store, no cost of eating out at lunch because I was too busy to make myself something and the list goes on. I have really come to realize how much it costs you to work. Sure your wage might be decent but how much do you spend to keep the job? I’m not saying everyone should quit their jobs and become gypsies but I think if you are going to work (like many of us need to), make sure you do the math. Or find something you are ridiculously passionate about and are okay with spending the dough to make that dream a reality.

Now I need to do some soul searching and finding out what I am truly passionate about and what I would be okay with spending my days doing and ensuring I am fulfilled doing it.

Where to start?



One thought on “Catch Up

  1. I’ve never looked at it that way– but it totally makes sense that some jobs could actually be costing you money! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope you find your passion soon (or not, being a mommy is a totally awesome job/passion to have!)


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