I Did It!


I have been practicing my crochet skills on dishcloths for the past week trying to master the double crochet stitch. I then attempted this newborn beanie last night and it was a success! I followed this you tube video: Crochet a Simple Baby Hat and it really is easy and it only took me about an hour to do!

Next crochet project – baby blanket

Good Luck!



Why You Should Raise Chickens for Eggs?

Can’t wait until we build our homestead and can have chickens of our own!

How to Provide

Eggs Eggs

Nutritionally Superior to Grocery Store Eggs

  • 1/3 less cholesterol
    •   1/4 less saturated fat
    •   2/3 more vitamin A
    •   2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
    •   3 times more vitamin E
    •   7 times more beta carotene


  • Eggs from well-tended backyard chickens are healthier
  • Eggs from backyard chickens are tastier
  • Chicken droppings enrich your compost
  • Chickens provide natural insect control
  • Chickens scratching for bugs is good for the soil
  • Chicken are entertainment of the best kind
  • Chickens provide lessons for children about responsibility and where food comes from


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From Scratch – Perogies

A couple of friends and I got together to do a massive perogie batch. It is much nicer to do large batches of any type of cooking in the company of some of your favourite people. We laughed, they drank, shared stories and aspirations for the future, it was over all a great day. We started at around 10am (fillings already made) and finished around 3pm. Each one of us made a different filling to allow for more variety.

Of course perogies aren’t at the top of the healthy food guide but these are made from scratch, no preservatives or unidentifiable ingredients. These are a great, wholesome comfort food that I have no problem feeding to my family as I know where and how they were made. They are incredibly easy to make all you really need to invest is time.

Here is the dough recipe we used:

12 cups unbleached flour

1 tsp. salt

3/4 cup vegetable oil (you could easily substitute a healthier oil)

2 tbsp. vinegar

4 1/2 cups water

Combine flour and salt in a bowl. Create a “creator” in the middle of the flour and add the vegetable oil and fold flour in. Then make another “creator” and fold in vinegar. Then slowly add water as need, you may need a bit more or a bit less depending on your elevation, house temperatures etc. We ended up adding a bit more water because I think it was too dry. Continue kneading until completely combined, the dough should stick together easily but not leave much behind on your hands. Once combined roll out portions of dough and cut out shapes, we just used a drinking glass to cut out the circles but I’m sure there are fancy perogie cutters out there too. Then scoop in a small amount of your filling (which is basically mash potatoes with whatever extras you want, bacon, cheddar, onions etc) and fold dough around pinching edges to close. I then used a fork to press down the edges for an extra secure closure.

This recipe yields a lot of perogies! We actually did a batch and half because we had a ridiculous amount of potato but we probably ended up with roughly 360 perogies so one batch of the dough would roughly yield 240 perogies if my math is correct.

We then put them in the freezer laid out on parchment until frozen then we divided them up into dinner size freezer bags.

To cook from frozen just boil for 2 or 3 minutes until they float and then fry until completely cooked and heated through. Dress with whatever you like, we enjoy bacon and sour cream.

This isn’t a greatly detailed recipe I am giving, I more or less just wanted to show everyone how easy it is to make these from scratch! I will try to do a more play by play next time we do a batch.

Happy Cooking 🙂