I have been researching a lot lately on sustainable living, off grid practices and the overall homestead lifestyle and I must say that I have been inspired.

I have always been a victim of consumerism, and am guilty of being naive to the notion of sustainable living but something keeps pulling at me telling me to broaden my horizons. Perhaps it is the current economic downturn that has me searching for ways to save a buck or perhaps it is my constant unsteadiness with the day to day corporate/robot life.

My parents live on about 350 acres in Ontario and I have grown up loving the outdoors and enjoying the farm atmosphere. But I moved to Calgary as a money hungry adolescent and now almost 10 years later I still am not happy. I feel as if I am a robot, waking up every day and doing the exact same thing to make money to pay for stuff. I constantly have a sense that something is missing and that this is not the way that I am supposed to live my life, I want things to slow down. My husband and I have been toying with the idea of moving back to Ontario and building our own home on a section of my parents land (of our choice). They said the land would not cost us a penny just the building costs. How can we not pass that up?

Of course, jobs aren’t as plentiful in the middle of no where but luckily hubby is a red seal tradesman and shouldn’t have an issue finding work. I keep thinking how amazing life would be if I could stay home, have a large vegetable/fruit garden, chickens, turkeys etc. really try to live off the land as much as possible. I could probably do some photography on the side for some extra cash or some horse training if the need was there. But this idea keeps pulling at me more than any other has.

Unfortunately with this economic downturn, especially in Alberta, our over-inflated housing market is going down therefore we might need to wait it out a year or two before we can sell our house here and head east. But that will give us enough time to save and prepare for this journey. My goal for 2016 is to start a decent size vegetable garden, since I will be home next year with our new bundle of joy, I should have the time to invest in caring for the crop and learning along the way. I would also like to learn how to knit and crochet better and maybe learn how to make my own soaps and incorporate using essential oils. OH and I want to buy a sewing machine and learn how to make different household items (curtains, linens etc.)

I learned how to make bread while we were back east for the holidays and I tell you, its ridiculously easy and much better for you than buying store bought bread. I will post a recipe and step by step soon.

Here are some really interesting and inspiring homesteading blogs that I have been addicted to lately:




There are many more out there too, have fun and let me know if you have any recommendations for homesteading books or gardening books for beginners (I kill plants more than I care to admit and it makes me sad).

Take Care,




One thought on “Sustain

  1. A great resource for crochet is Planet June, and I personally love the Crochet Stitch Bible. I feel that longing for a more self-sustaining lifestyle, and hope to plant an immense garden once my partner and I buy a house. Good luck!


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